Ripple Throw Progress Report: A foot in...

Here's 2014's ripple throw with Klara for size comparison. It's about a foot in height!

This is two and a half week's worth of crocheting... I don't work on it every day. Just when I feel like it. It's that kind of thing that makes afghans the perfect project!!

By the way, I am pretty much winging this one. When I finished with the creamsicle color (it's more vibrant in real life than in the pictures I take, for some reason) I hopped right into the melon shade, Vanna's Choice Goldfish, but about a third in to the row, I ripped it out again, thinking the colors would look more distinct if they had a row of white between them. That's my plan!!

Today it is an astonishing 58° here. Extremely cool! I got cold during the night and piled on a blanket and fuzzy socks. It's so wonderful, I have my wind open. This is exactly what I've been craving. Thank you, weather!


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