Unexpected Blythe family addition...

Okay, Blythe update, you guys. There's a new kid on the block.

In late August I adopted this cuuute golden-tressed TBL from BirdinaNest via Blythe Kingdom! Her name is Soleil -- that's the name her previous owner gave her, and it is perfect for her, so I have no desire to change it! She's another unique doll in my collection, at least in terms of my typical dolly tastes.

Man, I was not in the market at all for another girl. (Now and again I look on BK for a Bubble Boom... someday, Bubble Boom!!) I'm very content with my family and I actually don't even have room for this girl, where I currently display my collection. But when I saw her, I was like, "She is for me, yes?" I love blonde Blythes. I really like my other factory girl. Best of all, she was a great price -- honestly, if I had seen her on eBay, I wouldn't have paid even the comparatively low price of $90 for Another Blonde Blythe, even if I liked her. But I adopted her for significantly cheaper from a cool person within the U.S., and the transaction was great.

She came with a bit of a surprise.

Yellow chips with skulls in the pupils!! Soleil is a goddess of doom!

I'm considering giving her an edgy haircut to reflect her obvious badassery. As with Clarke, I have to find her a stand. Really, I have to decide if I want to change up my Blythe display, since the desk where I keep my dolls is essentially out of room!


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