Burgundy and blue.

I bought a few blouses from dollykiss on Etsy recently, and this is one of them. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Bad 90s!" Actually, it reminds me really powerfully of a bedding set I had in sixth grade, burgundy and navy florals!

If you'll look closely, one sleeve and the collar (and one cuff) are in a totally different fabric with hot pink and brighter blue. The clashiness aside, when I saw it, I thought instantly, "Oh, Petaline would rock that." I think it's because she has these burgundy-brown chips, as well as two sets of blues.

I paired the blouse with a navy blue MINI JIJO tutu skirt and these burgundy tights (shown on the very left here) from sunnybobo.

It makes for a look that says "late autumn" (after it says to me, "my bed in sixth grade...") even though it's early autumn for me, yet. It's been rainy and cool the past few days. Bliss.


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