everything in progress

It seems right now I have a bunch of plates spinning! Lots of crafts in progress with their materials all over the place... videos partially completed... a long-time writing project that I'm desperate to finish... I have a feeling I'm a little overloaded!

I'm happy that I managed to get these backdrops done today, because I've really been needing some for video-filming purposes (I'm working on a video about my Blythe collection, which is actually a big undertaking, as I have 13 dolls to film). They're just pieces of poster board with fabric stretched over them and Scotch-taped to the back... so they're not huge projects or anything, but I'm really pleased. These are just some test shots I did with Aury to see what they'd look like on camera.

Stuff On My Mind:
  • So bummed Selfie is cancelled. It was actually really cute and enjoyable. I'm sorry I doomed you with my death touch, Selfie.
  • I have got to update my vegan lip balm blog soon! Yet another spinning plate about to fall!
  • 1989 is turning my love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift into a just plain love relationship...


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