video: Get Aury Ready With Me

Man, I have a lot of requested videos to finagle for my YouTube channel. I'm not even sure I can do most of them! There are also videos that are my own ideas that I want to do... and I'm not sure I can do those, either. Videos where there are demonstrations are often way harder to shoot than you'd think, especially without a second party to be camera-person and make sure things are in frame/in focus... and without any natural lighting... and without much room...

So, while I am trying to finagle the projects that are larger in scope, I wanted to do a shorter video in the meantime -- one that isn't a big production taking multiple days of shooting and whatnot. I decided to just re-dress Aury and have the camera on while I was deciding what to put her in and changing her and everything.

It's also an experiment, of sorts, to see if I can tackle a request having to do with Blythe styling tips (like I am a person who should be giving styling tips).

I am at 399 subscribers as I write this, and I'm surprised! I wonder if I should do something special if I reach 500 subscribers? That's totally a lot of subscribers.

Yes, I still have my little white Christmas tree up.

sweet hearts

I was rendering a video yesterday (which is hours of "hurry up and wait" time) so of course I played about ten levels of Dr. Mario, but I also wanted to craft. Recently I strained my right wrist -- I have very weak wrists but do so much by hand that this happens about once a year to me -- so I knew it couldn't take any concentrated knitting efforts, so instead I learned how to make these little crochet hearts.

I learned from this video tutorial -- I've never done a magic ring or whatever before, but it was easy enough to learn. These literally take two minutes each, so I ended up with a bunch of them by the end of the afternoon. (The sizes vary because I used three different sized hooks.) And you know what? I'm going to make more today.

just plum darling

I'm loving Petaline in this dress from sleepforever. Even though it's very vintagey, she manages to look like a very prim schoolgirl with the headband, and prim is perfectly Petaline.

I paired it with Simply Peppermint's black headband, these purple tights I've had for a while (Petaline is not the type to flash her plastic, so if she's going to be showing leg, it's got to have tights or high boots!!), and Leopard Sass's super-adorable heeled oxfords. Love these shoes!

This past week I've mainly been asking the cosmos at large every day for my best friend to receive some news she's been waiting on for what seems like ages now. I feel like most corners of my brain are cobwebbed with thoughts and hopes for her, so even though I'm doing other stuff and working, I'm preoccupied and anchored. I know that what she's going through right now won't last forever, but it's been long enough already! We usually chat regularly but I haven't seen much of her since September, and even though we emoji at each other on iMessage, I really miss easier, faster, deeper real-time conversations with her... But mostly, I just want her to hear some good news and be able to rest at ease.

I've been practicing my knitting (still... always... I will always be practicing my knitting since I find it difficult, even just making squares) and thinking about trying hexipuffs again. I'm very intimidated. I did a few a while back, but DPNs, oh my lord.

Other stuff:
  • watching: Just about every episode of Dateline, 48 Hours Mystery, and other true crime shows on YouTube.
  • listening to: Florrie's Too Young To Remember
  • obsessed with: Sam/Rachel on Glee. Don't judge me. I've shipped them since season two -- it's my time to shine. A couple I like hasn't happened since Dan/Blair was too gold to stay on Gossip Girl. (I don't expect Samchel to be around for very long, either, so I gotta enjoy it while I can!!)

blue skies, gray eyes

It's actually nice out today! It's been below freezing here for several weeks and sunlight has been nearly unheard of, but it's sunny out right now. I still needed a sweater, but Fey was okay with her arms bare.

I like this outfit on her -- the tights are this teal-y blue and her dress is black with white polka-dots, but she's wearing one of those little Mini Jijo tutu skirts underneath it and it's navy! You can hardly see it in pictures, but in real life it's a cute tone-on-tone effect.

A couple of months ago I was doing some eyechip replacing and changed out Fey's stock green chips for these gray ones. She has those lovely wheat-colored front-facing ones, so I'm happy she has a neutral side-eye now too!

Leopard Sass!

The final addition to my Blythe family for a while (... I mean, probably) is Leopard Sass, an FBL with this lovely wheaty-goldy hair and sweet brown chips.

You guys, I can no longer hide my crazy bias for FBLs. I just love FBLs! Every single official release I got this year was an FBL -- Wendy Weekender, Simply Bubble Boom, and now Leopard Sass!

I did a deboxing video, as I often do.

Because I'm an oddball, I always leave new dolls in their stock for a few days before changing them. I can be quite nervous about changing them into other clothes. I'm really very happy with her but even moreso now that she's out of her stock and those dumb red tights and silly-ass hat™. I think she blends into my family beautifully.

I still need to give her a little hair treatment to see if that will improve the state of her curls at all. Curly-haired Blythes' tresses can be quite hard to tame.

Sweetheart! Sweetheart!

I want to take an FBL family portrait!

tiny knitting part two

I have to say, I am immensely pleased with the way these toothpick knitting needles turned out! (By the way, I had been intending on finagling some playscale knitting somehow, but this post on Blythe Life was the bizzity best.)

I made three sets because I've had these great wooden beads on hand for years now, and only use them rarely on hats and such. They come in three shades and they are a perfect fit for the toothpicks! Super perfect!! I'm really pleased! I can't wait to make a whole knitting basket...

tiny knitting

It's been a while since I last knitted -- making hexipuffs strained my wrists and exceeded my skill levels, haha. But with the weather being so cold, my 2014 ripple being completed, and no hats immediately on my horizon, I decided to revisit knitting.

I had to re-learn how to knit. I forget how if I don't do it often. And I don't. So I re-learned for at least the fifth time. But I picked it back up again pretty quickly (still have to re-learn how to purl! But I'm sure that will come back to me once I watch a video on it) and once I'd sailed through making a practice dishrag, I scaled down to sock-weight yarn to make some tiny knittings.

A dishrag, you say? How 'bout a dolly-size afghan??

Toothpicks, you say? Future dolly-size knitting needles, I say! They just need a little bit of adjusting...

More soon!

Kickin' off 2015 with a Blythe haul!

Happy New Year, errybody!

I've been trying to keep after the post-Christmas mess that always inevitably appears at this time of year. So much packaging and new stuff!

I filmed a "haul" video for my YouTube channel of the Blythe stuff I've picked up the past couple of months...

One of the things I'm most excited about is the Ikea Huset furniture set! (I got two!! I have plans!)

I'm also pretty pleased about the last thing, which... may or may not be FBL in nature.

Anyway, I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but I absolutely need to do some purging and cleaning this month! I tossed some old holey clothes and worn out shoes, have bags of miscellaneous stuff to give to Goodwill. I have made a to-do list on HabitRPG that consists of the cleaning chores I want done and am trying to do one per day at the very least. (I absolutely don't mind doing laundry, but hate putting clean laundry away so much... what is up with that??)

Out with the old, in with the new! Yes!!