Leopard Sass!

The final addition to my Blythe family for a while (... I mean, probably) is Leopard Sass, an FBL with this lovely wheaty-goldy hair and sweet brown chips.

You guys, I can no longer hide my crazy bias for FBLs. I just love FBLs! Every single official release I got this year was an FBL -- Wendy Weekender, Simply Bubble Boom, and now Leopard Sass!

I did a deboxing video, as I often do.

Because I'm an oddball, I always leave new dolls in their stock for a few days before changing them. I can be quite nervous about changing them into other clothes. I'm really very happy with her but even moreso now that she's out of her stock and those dumb red tights and silly-ass hat™. I think she blends into my family beautifully.

I still need to give her a little hair treatment to see if that will improve the state of her curls at all. Curly-haired Blythes' tresses can be quite hard to tame.

Sweetheart! Sweetheart!

I want to take an FBL family portrait!


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