sweet hearts

I was rendering a video yesterday (which is hours of "hurry up and wait" time) so of course I played about ten levels of Dr. Mario, but I also wanted to craft. Recently I strained my right wrist -- I have very weak wrists but do so much by hand that this happens about once a year to me -- so I knew it couldn't take any concentrated knitting efforts, so instead I learned how to make these little crochet hearts.

I learned from this video tutorial -- I've never done a magic ring or whatever before, but it was easy enough to learn. These literally take two minutes each, so I ended up with a bunch of them by the end of the afternoon. (The sizes vary because I used three different sized hooks.) And you know what? I'm going to make more today.


  1. They are so cute! Thanks for the link, with Valentine's Day ahead this is perfect :-)

    1. Ooh I do hope you make some hearts! They are so fun!