video: Get Aury Ready With Me

Man, I have a lot of requested videos to finagle for my YouTube channel. I'm not even sure I can do most of them! There are also videos that are my own ideas that I want to do... and I'm not sure I can do those, either. Videos where there are demonstrations are often way harder to shoot than you'd think, especially without a second party to be camera-person and make sure things are in frame/in focus... and without any natural lighting... and without much room...

So, while I am trying to finagle the projects that are larger in scope, I wanted to do a shorter video in the meantime -- one that isn't a big production taking multiple days of shooting and whatnot. I decided to just re-dress Aury and have the camera on while I was deciding what to put her in and changing her and everything.

It's also an experiment, of sorts, to see if I can tackle a request having to do with Blythe styling tips (like I am a person who should be giving styling tips).

I am at 399 subscribers as I write this, and I'm surprised! I wonder if I should do something special if I reach 500 subscribers? That's totally a lot of subscribers.

Yes, I still have my little white Christmas tree up.


  1. Just stick some hearts on it and call it a Valentines tree, hehe. Aury looks so cute. I'd be cool to see your Blythe wardrobe up close and to see more cute outfits :)

    1. Becky!! That's exactly what I'm gonna do, a Valentine's tree!! I'll film another dressup video sometime soon! I enjoyed doing it.