hat swap part one

Andi and I are doing a hat swap! I think I've only ever done one... so I'm pretty excited. Yesterday I crocheted this hat and today I stuffed the antlers, attached them as well as the ears, and beaded it.

Since my mind is on video-making right now, I kind of would like to make a video about making these deer hats. I like having something to do with my hands, so I don't mind making them, but the white hats in particular take a lot of time. A lot of people sew dresses by machine but all my crocheting and sewing and stuffing and beading is done by hand. But it's just an errant desire and not a plan I have.

Today is very cold; I've piled on sweaters, socks, and a blanket. I've had a weird week of work stress; I can't wait to unwind tonight and have (a hopefully hot) dinner and bury myself in bed, and I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday.


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