window shopping: the blues

Hey all, happy February!

I've been investing in Blythe clothes lately. Sometimes I don't buy anything for literally months, but my family went through a growth spurt last year, so I've been trying to make sure I have enough shoes and socks to go around.

As I'm not terribly attracted to the color blue (ironically, as about half of my Blythes came in blue stock!) and am a little picky about cooler tones, I've noticed that I really don't have many blue dresses. I think I have perhaps four or five, which in the scheme of things is hardly any! I have, like, fifteen pink dresses at the very least. Probably more. Ditto yellow.

I'd like to remedy this, so I went to Etsy and searched for "blue Blythe dress." Here are the ones I liked most...

( one, two, three, four )

Really unique neckline on that third one! Also, the second one is by MissFreyaJ -- I have a number of her dresses and they're great. Just what I like: simple and often floral.

( one, two, three, four )

I actually like these knitted/crocheted dresses even more! They're all gorgeous and I'd literally buy them all if I could! O, that I were made of money.


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