hat swap part two

Oh, I guess it's March!!

As I mentioned, Andi and I did a hat swap last month! She very sweetly made me two! I was so flipping excited when I opened the package and discovered this, because these hats are to-die-for cute. Aury has been in this pink one non-stop since it arrived a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see, it's snowed here. Several times, toward the end of the month. I even got into a winter precipitation-related fender bender with a friend of mine last week, which apparently was one of hundreds on that day. Thankfully, it wasn't major and everyone involved was okay. It was an alarming situation and the cars were not as damage-free as ours, so I'm counting myself very lucky, even though it doesn't feel like it was a lucky situation.

Anyway, I waited until the most recent snow melted to grab a picture of Lamb in the other little kitty-eared creation from Andi.

The button on the side is a heart, you guys!!!

Anyway, February was a really busy and typically pretty expensive month for me, but this year there were several stressful occurrences -- the car accident being the least stressful somehow -- so I didn't feel very much like posting here. Cure Touch, as I've said before, is where I try and keep it happy, like a little sanctuary.

A little bit of positivity to end this post:
  • I really do love these hats, haha!
  • I'm tapering off taking a medication that had made me really uncharacteristically unmotivated. Mental health, yeah!!! I hope I get back to my normal swing soon.
  • I've been playing the guitar a lot lately.
  • I saw Jupiter Ascending with a couple of friends (and it was awesome; I have no taste) and bought a bunch of grape Blow Pops for contraband movie concessions. Grape Blow Pops take me back to seventh grade in the best way. Sometimes I don't necessarily enjoy nostalgia, but in the event of grape Blow Pops, I definitely do. 


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