Marching on by.

This weekend my grandmother had her 82nd birthday and we did the whole family gathering thing. The bouquet my mom made for her is still on the table (my grandma has cats who eat flowers, so she couldn't take it home with her) so I took some pictures of it while I was waiting for my lunch to cook. Any excuse for that 50mm, know what I'm sayin'?

So pretty!

Last week I encountered some technical difficulties with my video filming in that one of my lights fell over and the bulb broke!

I've been on the hunt since then for a replacement bulb. The original bulb was part of a cheap kit I bought off Amazon last year, you know, so like, I don't really know anything about watts, lumens, kelvins, et cetera, and returning to Amazon to seek out the exact bulb I need was sort of a dead end. There were customer reviews saying, "Don't buy this!!! It's not what it claims to be!!!" The bulb was marked way down in price, but regardless, it just seemed... untrustworthy! I don't want to spend money on something that is not what I need.

However, I really do want to get this video finished up, but I have more things to film for it. I can't film without proper lighting because I have zero natural light at my disposal, so! I definitely need a bulb. So, I went to two hardware stores here, my broken bulb in a sealed plastic bag in hand, trying to find something comparable, even if it's just temporary. The first store didn't have anything at all like what I was looking for, and a man there who came up and started talking to me and trying to help me (awkward... he didn't even work there, he just seemed lonely) told me I'd have to drive out to some bigger store that I didn't want to go to if I wanted to find something comparable.

I was sad, so on the way out, I bought two cool cacti. They're so pretty. I got terra cotta pots for them but I'm going to paint the pots before transferring them!

Anyway, I ignored the old guy's well-meaning advice and went to a second hardware store that wasn't a big huge drive for me, where another old man -- this time, one who actually worked at the store, hallelujah -- found me something that is not quite the same, but still may be something I can use while I figure out the best solution to fix up my lighting.

I'm trying not to be terribly depressed about this video taking so long, and other stuff. These pointy friends will surely cheer me up.


  1. That's quite the odyssey your search for the right bulb! I hope you finally find it as I really enjoy your videos. I recently got a 50mm lens for my camera too so I love seeing other people use it, really nice pics. And the cactus are lovely! I'm quite the cactus addict myself :)

    1. Isn't it though?? I ended up ordering the ones on Amazon that people said not to order because I couldn't find anything locally. What a pain, haha.

      Thanks so much! I've never had any cacti before so I'm hoping I don't kill them! :)

  2. The cacti are cute! Can't wait for you to upload new YouTube videos :D

    1. Thanks, Olives! :D I will ASAP!