Oyasuminasai, PoupeeGirl!

It really saddens me that PoupeeGirl is closing down at the end of this month. I've been on it since 2009. The site has been stagnant for a long time now, but I still liked to log in and dress up! (Here's my "Home.") I dressed up through the end of February, but stopped when the calendar flipped to March, thinking it would be best not to focus on it too much. I mean, I logged in every single day for years. It was like checking my email. Just one of my daily habits.

PoupeeGirl was a fun way to express my style without spending money on real clothes or needing to worry about stuff like sizes and the fact that I can't wear all this kind of stuff in real life. I think PoupeeGirl heavily influenced the way I dress my Blythes, so it's unfortunate that I'm working on a video about Blythe "styling" right now and yet this major influence is shutting down.

I guess the site is just going to disappear entirely, so I logged in and looked back through my calendar of dressups to save some. I didn't look at every day, just picked at random, and if I liked the outfit I screen-capped it to save it.

You can click on this image to zoom in a bit, but the pictures saved by PoupeeGirl aren't terribly bigger than this!

As I was going backwards through my calendar of dressups, it starts with 2015 at the top left (my poupee has peachy-pink hair, so of course!) and ends with 2009 at the bottom left. Funnily enough in the last one I'm carrying the same white purse as in the first. If you're a Chrono Trigger fan, look for my Lucca cosplay day. I don't remember even putting together the vast majority of these super-fly coords, so looking back through them, I veered between impressed and snickering.

I had so much fun with PoupeeGirl! Is it weird that I'm going to miss skirts, shoes, and purses that are just digital vector art? I really will.


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