Spring! Sprung!

Spring has arrived, and brought all its local eccentricities with it. Tornadoes! Wildly fluctuating temperatures! Being too hot indoors because it's not A/C time yet, and easily getting too cold when you do enter establishments with A/C turned on! Everything was brown until a recent spate of thunderstorms, and then seemed to turn green literally overnight.

Plummery is rocking this little mustard yellow helmet from The Crochet Factor! I bought three items from this shop and I'm only opening them up one at a time, to prolong the "new clothes!" excitement. I just love these helmets, though. They're so simple and sweet, but the texture of them is wonderful and the color selection is great. I'm going to buy more sometime!

Also, Plummery is wearing a dress from Sweet By Nim. I ordered these in mid-December (I mentioned them in my end-of-2014 Blythe haul video!) and there were lots of delays in every phase of delivery, so I didn't get them until the end of February. It was crazy.

Still romancing my 50mm lens. It's taking some getting used to since it doesn't have a zoom, but I increasingly enjoy it. I must position myself relative to the framing I want in the picture rather than let the zoom do that for me. But it's worth it for that creamy bokeh. The kit lens my Canon came with is awesome and the lazy part of me loves dat autofocus, but I also love controlling exactly where I want the focus to be with this lens. The kit lens is also very, very long, and very heavy, and the 50mm is so much lighter.

I continue to wait for my replacement light bulbs to arrive. It's been over a week since I ordered them. People have been subscribing to my YouTube channel a lot lately and asking where I am... eek!!

Stuff I've Been Up To:
  • tons of spring cleaning! Room in disarray; checklist isn't even half done
  • watching iZombie (if you like Veronica Mars, this feels extremely similar) and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (if you like 30 Rock, you'll like this)
  • painting pots for my sweet little cacti
  • finally attaching a ton of granny squares
  • tentatively writing again...
  • tentatively knitting again...


  1. Oh! I have some of the little lamb hats in my etsy favourites from the crochet factor. They're too cute! Love these photos - so pretty with that shallow depth of field. Also, yay iZombie!!!

    1. You know I bought one of dem lamb hats!! It's gonna be exciting to open!

      Thank you! :)

  2. Oh! Plummer looks adorable with her pixie hat, I'm so glad you liked them! I can't wait to see your girls wearing the other things you got :). Thank you very much!