video: Blythe Styling Tips

The past few days for me have been dedicated to getting this video finished up! You wouldn't believe how long it takes to make a ten-minute video when you are filming so many small things, working with so many shots, and have so many gigs of HD footage that your little ol' computer starts warning you that you have no space left.

Anyway, I made this in response to a request for such a thing, and before I went ahead with it I put a lot of thought into whether I really had any styling "tips" at all. As I say in the video, this kind of stuff is so subjective! It's not like there's a right or wrong to any of it. I was wondering, what are legit ideas I can share, and what are the things I do that simply boil down to personal preference? Do I really have advice to share that is useful to anyone? Like, literally helpful? I feel funny saying this video has styling tips, when really, I think it's more like me saying, "Well, this is what I do and what I like..."

This was hanging around half-finished on my hard drive for a month so I'm really happy to have it done, even with my general tendency towards mixed feelings in regards to my videos.


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