video: Get Lamb Ready With Me


Here's another dress-up video I filmed while my last video was exporting (which is a process that can take hours and hours). I sort of like to have the "set" dressed in some way, too. Last time I had my tiny Christmas tree up and was using the Ikea Huset shelf unit. This time I used these vintage wicker 1:6-scale chairs I got off Etsy a while back. I crocheted that miniature ripple throw over the back of the loveseat, but I believe the sweater's from Millie Makes.

These are almost relaxing to do in comparison to most videos. Filming them only takes one sitting of an hour or less, rather than several sittings that take several hours. Editing is never the difficult part for me... actually filming is. But I love Lamb's springy look right now. Her fleece is white as snow!


  1. Lamb looks adorable with her, well, lamb hat, I'm so happy that you like it, thank you for showing it, I love your videos and how you style your dolls, so cute :)

    1. Thanks so much!! :) I hope to score another hat or two from your shop in the future!