videos: Blythe Wardrobe Decluttering -- Separates and Outerwear

Here's the video series I'm currently working on: Blythe Wardrobe Decluttering!

I love watching decluttering videos (oh, and room cleaning videos... I watch room cleaning videos just about every day!), seeing what people decide to keep or get rid of and why, and actually filming the process is a really great way for me to really take the time to go through my Blythe stuff and weed out the stuff I'm not using. So far I've done two.

I was on vacation recently, as you know, and it took me several days to recover. Then it was a triple whammy of my birthday, my mom's birthday, and Mother's Day all in a row! But I'm going to get back into it this week! I also want to do another Dolly Dress-up video (that's the name someone suggested for my "Get This Doll Ready With Me" series) soon!


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