We found Wonderland.

On our "beach day" during my trip to California, we stopped to pick up my cousin, who lives in an apartment complex where the entire front wall is lined with figurines and miscellaneous stuff I can't begin to explain, let alone really capture. One of the tenants has been putting this stuff up for years and it's very colorful, cluttered, and crowded. I was reaching for my camera and plucking Fey up for a photoshoot immediately. What a freaking sight it was! I was full on Precious Moments Chapel giggling.

My aunt followed with her Love Me Linda and we took pictures in one of the sections that appeared to comprise entirely of a garden gnome collective.

The look on Fey's sweet face!

You can't even tell this is just the front of an old apartment building. It looks like an enchanted forest.

Further down the line, there were groupings of owls, some rabbits (?? I think?), penguins... I took pics of Linda and Fey in front of this cheesy but color-compulsory sign. Beyond the penguins, I can't even remember what else there was. Somewhere along the way there was a section of ceramic teddy bears that sorta began to creep me out, because it seemed more like a child had abandoned them there than the more nature-esque animal figures.

I have to say, it was fun taking pictures of a different doll... my aunt kept saying I didn't have to concern myself with Linda, but I took a bunch for her because she won me over. Her face is winsome. And I love cheesy stuff like this. California lady who created this wall of kitsch, you have my gleeful admiration!


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