More decluttering. More, I say!

What? It's June? Oh, whoops.

I've been continuing to declutter! I'm onto dresses right now, but in case you missed them, here are two from May!

Just now I was scrolling through my exported second dress declutter video (there's a projected 4 in total; 3 done, 1 still being edited) so I could create a YouTube thumbnail for it and begin uploading it.

I don't really like the sound of my own voice -- who does? -- or hearing my weird speech tics, so I didn't rewatch it fully... it was just a small miracle I happened to catch a bit where I sneezed and had neglected to edit it out. I'm just a human girl, okay! I sneeze!

Unfortunately I knew I needed to go in and edit it out, as it is unappealing as heck, and re-export the entire video... also unappealing as heck. When I opened up Premiere I found that I had sliced the footage around the sneeze, but for whatever reason, just forgotten to actually lift out that slice. So at least the edit was easy and quick.

The re-exporting, on the other hand, is gonna take eight hours. I should still be able to upload the vidja today, but I had wanted to get it done already!

Not only am I decluttering my Blythe clothes, but I'm trying to also declutter my own clothes, books, DVDs, and other stuff I find I don't have adequate room for. I actually do this somewhat regularly. I don't really even have room for the stuff I do have. My entire life is crammed into one single bedroom. I don't keep any of my stuff anywhere else -- i.e., I don't keep my toiletries in the bathroom or my food in the kitchen. I live with others and it isn't kosher to leave one's stuff lying about in the way of others; we all try and keep it to our respective rooms.

And people aren't always respectful of others' things. So if I leave my stuff elsewhere, I have to accept that the things might be have been mistaken for communal and be gone the next time I go to use them. If I leave my Nintendo out in the living room, I may come home to find others playing it, which is always fine with me; however, I don't want my tomato soup to be eaten. I have experienced too many times the bummer of my new jar of grape jam being almost totally gone by the time I actually want to make a PB&J, or the frustrated feeling of knowing I have muffin mix but it being mysteriously missing. I also don't put junk like my DVDs out in the common area. All this stuff really stacks up in my room, since my bedroom is also my office where I literally do work for a living, and to a certain extent, my kitchen! It's the place where I watch TV, craft, shoot videos. But it also has to be the place where I keep all my clothes, all my hair stuff, everything like that, besides all my photography equipment, guitars, dolls, hobby stuff.

I currently am trying to fit a large item (which I shall post about soon) into my room, and thus, the need for decluttering is greater than ever!

I have to be strict! I have to be bold! I have to... be willing to let go of some craft supplies, I suspect. For me, the hard part is not letting go of stuff! It's the "What do I do with it, though?" question. Books and DVDs I can take to the used bookstore or donate to Goodwill. Who wants... half-used craft supplies...?

A major inspiration to keep me going on my quest is watching decluttering/room cleaning/organization videos on YouTube. It's very satisfying to watch people clean their rooms.


  1. Is it wrong that I was all like "But why would you get rid of shoes, ever?!" I never get rid of shoes, I'm horrible like that!

    1. Not wrong at all! I wager you have lots more shoes than me! I want to part with shoes I don't use so I can stock up on some shoes I will use! 8)

    2. When I run out of room I just get another organizer box. ;)