Night & Day

Recently I was alerted by a YouTube viewer to the fact that there was a Takara Shoe Cruise Night Set on eBay -- I had expressed regret in not buying one when they were still new in 2010. Back then I purchased the Day Set, which is, as you might imagine, lighter.

I dug the red Mary Janes and brown strappy sandal-boot-things (what are these, even?) in the night set but couldn't see myself using the black boots with purple trim or the blue bowed boots. But that was then, and this is now! Petaline wears plums constantly and is almost always wearing the riding boots, so the Night Set's boots are now totally in her wheelhouse.

I definitely paid twice as much for the Night Set as I did the Day Set. Oof! I feel a little gouged, and wasn't expecting to make a splurgey purchase, but I also feel so certain that I will use at least three out of the four pairs of shoes constantly, since that is definitely the case for the Day set. It's been tremendously useful and I'm pleased to have some variations of some of my favorite shoe molds!

I'm sort of behind on posting, like with my decluttering videos (they're kind of outdated since I've already sent out almost everything I decided to part with!), but I've been so busy and utterly exhausted! I sort of want to post them here just for posterity, though. I have two other videos -- one that just needs editing and one that needs to be filmed -- on the horizon, as well, and neither have to do with decluttering, so that's exciting. For me. And only me.

More soon.


  1. The strappy ankle boot things remind me of some shoes that were trendy a few years ago that I wanted to buy for myself and never did. And also of like super old-fashioned shoes but I can't find any pictures of them. Gah. Anyway, yay for more Blythe shoes!!! :D

    1. I replied to you on Flickr already, BUT thanks again for reminding me there are shoes like this IRL!!