video: Get Plummery Ready With Me

Hello, loved ones. Today I am posting a video! Someone said I should call this series "Dolly Dressup," and so I shall.

I'm trying out a different style of thumbnail!

Dressup vids are my favorite to make. Just getting to dress my dolls is fun for me, and I like to edit them the most. I've said this before, but it bears repeating: I don't particularly love the filming part of the process, but I like the editing a lot. It might just be because I have a lot of prior editing experience and can get into that "flow" state when I'm focused on it.

This is the first video I've made using my new microphone to record the voice over. I had just been using an old webcam Scotch-taped to the end of a ruler and stuck in my pencil cup. Really, though! Like, whatever works, you know? But I knew a real mic with a pop filter would be beneficial to me if I intended to make videos with lots of voice overs. (Which I like more than being on camera, personally.) I've listened to past videos with VOs and I think I can tell a difference. It's probably worth fiddling with settings on some day when I am feeling patient and willing to listen to my own voice more.

In other news, people have begun to send me pictures of dresses they kindly bought from my decluttering series and IT IS SO EXCITING! I like feeling connected to people in this hobby. Someone sent me pics of their Licca doll in an outfit, and they had styled the piece they bought from me ingeniously. (Brava, Marco!)

Well, I am fighting off the savage self-sabotaging attacks of my inner critic, so off I go to fortify with positive self-talk and cleaning.


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