Two-Day Trippin: Excelsior!

While in Texas, we stayed at the Excelsior House. My parents took my sister and I once there when we were fairly little -- I was maybe 8 or so. This time, I shared a room with my grandma. We just went to California together in May, so we are pretty good travel buddies.

Mallow, my grandma, and I were in the Jay Gould room. It was by far the coolest room out of the three my family rented, temperature-wise, so everyone wound up congregating in the room. It wasn't until then that my sister's boyfriend informed us that the Jay Gould room in particular is supposed to be incredibly haunted. Hahaha! I'm much more scared of real people than I am of ghosts. Unfortunately there was no spectral activity going on, unless the relative coldness was indicative of spirits.

Sister and her boyfriend were staying next to a room that seemed to be undergoing some kind of renovation or repair. Its door was open, too. We peered inside and the whole thing was dark and draped in plastic sheets and very creepy.

"I really want to go in there and take spooky Blythe pictures," I said.

Sadly, these were the only ones that turned out much, since it was almost totally dark in the room and my lens was like, "Nooo..." But I think Mallow looks like she has lived there for a hundred years and wants someone with play with and stares perpetually out from behind things with one doleful eye. I took her Mary Janes off for the effect.

I had been concerned about bringing a Blythe since sometimes people can be really judgey about them, but I'm glad I brought Mallow just for the sake of getting to take eerie pictures in a plastic-draped room. And I'm glad I brought her, specifically, because she managed to be both ladylike and ghosty.


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