Two-Day Trippin': Gladewater

So, my family took a quick trip to Jefferson, Texas. My mom was taken there by her mom as a kid, I was taken there as a kid. Several family trips have already been made! It was a trip purely for nostalgia and family togetherness purposes. I took Mallow with me.

On the way there we stopped in Gladewater, which calls itself the antique capital of East Texas. We only looked in a couple of shops, but I took plenty of pictures! (Way more than I wanted to even edit and post.) One of the first things I saw was a Skipper doll!

I have no need for dishes or glassware (I had to talk myself out of a lot of heart-shaped dishes, knowing I have no use for them) but it's some of the prettiest stuff to look at.

Did I want this pink Pyrex? HECK YES I DID. But it was $120 for the set of four. Heck no.

I'll post again tomorrow. I'm absolutely beat!


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