video: Blythe Clothes Haul

Happy Sunday!

My Friday/Saturday was spent putting together this Blythe clothes haul video!

I actually had to film it twice... which isn't the first time that's happened to me, or anything. Hauls are the easiest things to film! Yes, I still have to drag out my lighting kit and mess around with the setup and probably record a bunch of footage out of focus (wah-wah-waaah), but just talking about cute Blythe clothes is a joy. Also, I don't truly begin to relax in front of a camera for about a half an hour, so sometimes I just have to waste some time.

It's been a long time since I've bought so much Blythe stuff. I usually don't place several orders at a time. Seriously, there have been years past where I've only bought maybe two things. But I do have twice as many girls as I used to! And since I made that styling tips video and then got rid of a lot of stuff decluttering, I was really able to take stock and see everything I had. I was able to see I was in desperate want of more socks (not mentioned in this haul, since I had gotten them by the time I actually decluttered my socks), tights, and separates in particular.

I did get a few dresses also -- one especially for Wisp! You can see it in the video, but here's a picture of her in it anyway that I took the day I changed her from her stock.

My heart could not have squeezed tighter than it did when I saw her out of her stock for the first time and in this really cute dress from NinaBella9. And look!! There's a rainbow touching her stand! I assume it was the morning sunlight coming in and bouncing off my camera lens, or something. There's something so perfect about Wisp being a rainbow magnet.

Regarding Wisp, though, even though I love Andi's Didee Eureka so much, I couldn't have predicted how pleased I would be with my own. Especially in that stock of hers!! Her beauty radiated out at me once she was out of it and I am still in a honeymoon phase of admiring her daily. I need to fix her hair a little; it's not terrible, but I know a spa day would improve things. Holland's hair needs some help, too.

Oh, I want to take pictures of Holland and Wisp together!!


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