Two-Day Trippin': Treasure Trail

I don't need to tell you this, probably, but Texas in the summer is boiling hot! While there, we had meant to do some more sight-seeing than we did. There's a toy museum right next to our hotel and we were all interested in visiting it. However, after walking to some antique stories nearby and giving them a look, we all felt absolutely miserable from the heat and agreed to come back when it wasn't the height of summer.

One antique store had a puzzling amount of fairy figurines. ABSOLUTELY PUZZLING. Hundreds of them. I liked this one. She was sitting amongst geodes.

For some reason I took a picture every time I saw a clown painting, picture, figurine, whatever... but I don't want to post those on my blog, haha. There were tons of them.

I had been looking around in all the antique stores we visited specifically with an eye for miniatures. I saw several miniature tea sets and a few doll trunks that were out of my budget and not my taste anyway, and weirdly, I found an entire basket of doll hair. Just hair. Just hair in bags. Otherwise I didn't see too much. But I scored something at the last store!

I got a set of four Blythe-size wicker furniture pieces, all for a total of $14. I haven't sat a doll in them yet because they're a little bit grimy, and in some places, splattered with some kind of blue ink or paint.

I'm going to clean them as best I can and touch them up where they've been stained, but I like the shabby chic look, so I don't want to lose that. Size-wise I am fairly sure they'll fit my dolls well, but if not, I feel like they'll still be cool "set" pieces, if you know what I mean.


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