birthday blues

Yesterday was my gentleman friend's birthday. Gent wanted a kettle with which to make tea, so gent got a kettle! I don't drink tea or coffee, so I really don't know anything about kettles, so I was reading reviews for days.

I also found some super cute mugs so I got him those, too. Plaid, yo!

(This post is just because I was pleased with all this. I took pictures for my own happy posterity.)

video: Putting Together A Cute Clothes Rack!

Remember how I said I wanted to do a little video about the little clothing rack I blogged about?

Boom! I really do love it.

I am currently sitting on a video (you know... I have it done, but I haven't posted it) about my hair, which was a request. I just don't like it for some reason. It's too long. I've got to find a way to condense it and probably re-film it.

Nice rack!

Happy October!!! It's the best month. Am I right? OF COURSE I'M RIGHT!

This just arrived today: a standing clothes rack and set of six hangers from Ninabella9 (with, of course, a few articles of clothing... and the purple dress on the right end)! It's tremendously cute. As I slipped each dress onto a hanger, I kept squealing. It's so cute, I want to cry!

I'd like to do a little video on it, I think, with my impressions.

I'm hoping to use this mainly as a feature of my future room box. Some dresses are so lovely they ought to be displayed! Right now I'm getting a major kick out of displaying some dresses in alternative autumnal shades. Of course, brown and red and orange are classic go-to autumnal looks, but I like plum and mustard, and choosing little color palettes is one of the most satisfying things in the world to me. I can tell I'm going to have fun picking out dresses to display.

In other news, today I hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube, and while I know that number is always fluctuating and will likely dip down again, I'm still amazed/taken aback/excited/trepidacious and don't rightly know how it happened. At this time last year, I had about 100 and was very shocked to see that number, too.