2015 Ripple Throw Progress Report: Dunzo!

As you know (I rudely assume), my 2015 ripple is a gift for this cute boy I've been seeing. This beast is unspeakably huge. I couldn't possibly take a proper picture of it. That's how big it is. The biggest thing I've ever made, by a mile. The bundle pictured above is the smallest I could fold it, and it's so heavy that I think I've strained my shoulder with its heft.

I had actually declared this thing done, like, a month ago, before Thanksgiving I think. I took it to Boy's apartment and put it on his bed and was stunned to find that it needed to be, like, a foot longer!! It's incredibly wide, so we turned it to see if it would fit better that way -- with the stripes vertical instead of horizontal -- and it was still just a wee bit short on either side. I'm still amazed.

I took it home again and spending what free time I have this month (which is very little anyway, what with holidays) adding that extra foot. My brain had already filed it under "dunzo!" so it was kind of a slog, even though I flew along at what you might call an alarmingly fast clip for 90% of it.

Still, I'm happy I added to it, and happy I made it! Hope Boy gets some quality Zs under this thing.


  1. Wow! That is huge! It's really beautiful, too - I love the colors you used. I have been thinking of knitting a new afghan for our home, but I haven't yet worked up the energy for such a big project. :)

    1. Thank you! :D I love doing afghans because they are longer-term projects, so I usually feel like I can take it easy, knowing that it will take a while no matter what!