peaches and cream

No real reason for this post -- just photos of Wisp looking beeeeautiful! Her hair is so lovely since I treated it, and I'm pleased with this dress on her. I had her in brown outfits prior to branching out to this cream dress with pink flowers and Simply Bubble Boom's pink stock tights. I love her skin tone with her hair.

A cute dress is always wonderful, but it's particularly nice when a dress reflects the beauty of the doll wearing it.

Oh, by the way, my cupcake and cloud ornaments all sold at that holiday market!

I'm working on a dolly dressup video, but finishing my gift ripple is my main priority right now! I had declared it done, but when I took it to Boy's house, it became apparent it needed to be about a foot longer to fall appealingly. What's the point if it looks weird on the bed and I can so easily fix that??


  1. Her hair is just so lovely! I don't have any curly-haired girls...yet. :)

    1. I oddly have several girls who came with varying degrees of curls... some have retained them and some have lost them!