video: Doll Stuff Haul

Yo! It me. Your friendly neighborhood maidensuit.

I finally filmed a haul video I meant to film several weeks ago. (I had hair issues after my latest round of root-bleaching! It took me a week and a half to gently fix it, and in the meantime I wore a hat, like, everywhere. Also, I have 24/7 face issues, so it's morally questionable that I'm ever on camera at all; I'm just generally apologetic.)

This video is half Blythe stuff and half "other," including some Ever After High dolls that have recently been added to my collection (I guess I have to admit that I sort of have one now...), and also a bit about a small high-def camera I got in December that I thought might help me out with tutorial-style videos.

In the video, I display how the clip on it is loose, but I got some sense and tightened the screws on it that while the video was rendering, so... I'm happy about resolving that issue, but I also suspect it might be a situation where the screws simply loosen with use and will require regular tightening. I hope to experiment more with it now that it is fixed and see what it can do for me. I really have no clue whether it will be a helpful piece of equipment or not! But apparently it can do time-lapse videos and I really want to make one of those!!


  1. Ever after high dolls are so cute - my little girl has a couple but I'm going to have to search for that deer one for myself. Are you planning on getting any of the new barbies that are coming out?

  2. I don't have any plans to get any of the new Barbies, but if I see one and can't resist, I guess I'm open to it, lol. I have too many dolls already! :)