Cave core. Glitter mom. Geode trash.

As of late I've been in a tactile and deeply introverted sort of mode. I want to color (in my adult coloring book, a picture of which I've linked rather than post because MY COLOR COMPULSION WON'T LET ME), draw, journal, stamp, read, and listen to Carly Rae Jepsen in the dark all by myself.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but for Lent, I gave up lounging on my laptop.

I realized a while ago that I've started associating sitting at my desk with a) work, and b) editing YouTube videos and all that entails (also work).

I used to use my desktop for everything! I crafted at my desk, as well. But now I like to sit on my bed while I craft, regardless of whether my laptop is open and playing me some Netflix or closed and across the room, and even though I love the coziness, I also don't think I should spend so much time on my bed. It makes me feel like a bump on a log, even if I've been crafting like a maniac.

It can't be helped much. I deleted all the TV shows and Sims game data/downloads that were on my desktop so I'd have room for gigs upon gigs video footage, and that really made the splitting of my time much more obvious. I've gotten to where I do all my lazing on my laptop -- TV and movie and Buzzfeed video-watching, Tumblrin', playing Spider Solitaire, general internet surfing -- and just use my desktop for work. Work-work, but also stuff like editing photos for blog posts... so, hobby stuff as well, but not for just kickin'.

So for a month now I've been trying to do everything I can on my desktop, and just use my laptop for legit TV-watching -- like, to catch up with my shows in real time, not to laze and just watch Netflix sans purpose. When I'm done with my shows, I close the laptop and try to do something else.

I have not been in the mood to make a YouTube video lately. Although I have a sense of guilt about that, I'm trying to mute that beeping alarm in the back of my brain that is telling me I am being neglectful. I just feel introverted and in my own world, and like being in a little dark cave doing cave paintings, but I will emerge again when I feel up to wrangling equipment and doing voice overs.

Right now my jam is stamping.

Scored all these ink pads (and a set of alpha stamps) from a dollar bin at Michael's. Last year for my birthday my mom got me some similar pads and an alpha set, which I love and you can see in this blog post, so I was really happy to find some more! I've been doing a lot of stamping for my journal and other tangible projects.

Just really randomly, because I was enjoying myself so deeply, I did a page of bonkers aesthetics from this aesthetic generator. I love that thing. Any "dad" aesthetic makes me laugh automatically. I just stamped all the ones I liked. "Sun goth." I can't.

Still real into my geodes! I didn't get any colorful ones from my "break your own" box, but I don't mind. As I said, I am feeling very tactile right now, so I just like to touch them and look at them.

Finally, here's my dumb cat, Smokey. He's grown up so much since we adopted him in November. He's like a young adult now. He had his big operation recently (you know the one) and he can go outside now, which is hugely exciting for him, so he's still adjusting to this new stage of his life. His cuddles are rare gifts.

On my mind is spring cleaning (my desk really, really needs cleaning!), my little notebooks and writing projects that I'm stamping all over right now, and an unexpected doctor's appointment I have tomorrow!


  1. I need to get out of hibernation mode and into spring cleaning mode as well! I'm embarrassed to think of how much dust is in our home right now, but I've been unmotivated to be anywhere but on the couch knitting. Hopefully with the warmer weather we're just starting to have, it will motivate me. I do see a lot of value in seasonal hibernation, though, as well as going with what your gut tells you you should be doing (most of the time at least).

    1. I bet it will be more motivating to have it actually seem like spring! On The Couch Knitting sounds like the best. Lemme just invite myself over!

    2. Oh, wouldn't that be awesome?! Yet another reason I wish for Star Trek-style transporter technology. :)

  2. OMG, moments after leaving this comment, a friend sent me this: #dying

  3. First of all, I hope your doc appointment goes well.
    Second, it's perfectly natural to have "phases" and you should do what feels better to you, especially so you don't get burn out. As much as we love to watch your videos, I'm sure we can all wait until it feels right for you and you can enjoy doing it. Stamp away! :)

    Beatrix looks super cute and that photo of your cat is amazing! Smockey is is a beautiful cat.

    1. Oh, thank you, Zee! I will try not to feel guilty! Thanks so much :)