video: Get Fidelia Ready With Me!

This week I filmed a couple of dolly videos, and here's one of them. Dolly Dressups are my fave and I really like the ensemble Fidelia ended up in. (She's really tricky to dress to my satisfaction!)

In other news, I'm ready for Lent to be over!! I've been failing more and more at keeping from Laptop Lounging (which, again, means essentially doing nothing; if I'm actually doing something -- even if that something is catching up on Pretty Little Liars and throwing a fit because NO TO ALL THESE DUMB OLD COUPLES -- then laptop usage is fine).

Easter looks like it's gonna be a bummer this year. Usually we hunt eggs, even though the youngest of us is 17 or so, but it looks like that's not in the cards. For a long time now it's been the only reason I don't hate the holiday as much as I hate Thanksgiving. It's not that I particularly love to hunt eggs -- there have been years where I've hidden them rather than hunted -- but I enjoyed it as a way to spend time with my sisters and cousins. I'm sad when things like this, traditions, change.

I came back and added this picture to this post! It shows Fidelia's brown chips that I mentioned in the video... and it's about as Eastery as it's gonna get this year!


  1. Yay, dressup video! Fidelia looks very elegant. She's is looking perfect in Easter Sunday. :)

    I know how you feel about traditions changing. My childhood was filled with so many amazing family moments, all the family at my grandmother's house for pretty much all holiday occasions (that are a lot in Portugal). It all started to end after my grandmother died, she was the big strong pillar of the family. Now there are some traditions coming back, mostly because of the younger ones but I'm all the way across the ocean so I'm not a part of it and yes, I miss them. I try to make my own children's holidays special.

    Egg hunt is not a thing in Portugal by the way. We have very different traditions for Easter over there. I wonder if you'd like it! :)

    Thank you for this wonderful Easter present! As usual it was delightful to watch it! <3

    1. Thank you, Zee! :) I'm lucky that my grandma is still alive and also lives close to me and most of my family, so she is responsible for us getting together on holidays.

      I Googled "Easter Portugal traditions" and it sounds very different! I have no idea why hunting eggs became a thing people do here...

    2. My daughter LOVES egg hunting and I like being able to participate in different traditions.

      I do miss going from house to house seeing friends, their family, everyone trying to fit in tiny rooms (sometimes really tiny!) and all the smiles and hugs and good talks that go with it. And I miss all those awesome cakes and desserts and wine (yes, wine, Porto wine particularly). My favorite combo of that day is a slice (who are we kidding here, many slices!!!) of Easter cake with Serra da Estrela cheese (sheep traditional cheese) and a small cup of Porto wine. It's not exactly the same all over Portugal, being more traditional in smaller villages like my mom's village. There everyone gets together eventually on that day. :)

      I'm glad that you have your family close and that your grandmother is still alive! Cherish those moments! Mine are fond memories that I keep with me.

  2. These dressups are so calm to watch. Also makes me want to play with my doll more. She totally deserves more attention and cute outfits to wear. Your posts inspire me to do this more & I also want to post about it on my blog in the future. Soon...

  3. This is such a great video! I have watched it a few times and I just adore the outfit you put together. Those blue tights are a perfect choice! I really like how they're a less intense color when worn. And that dress reminds me so much of my childhood (70s) in such a good way. I hope that you had a good Easter despite the changes.