90s Teen Witch Part 2

Happy October. I can't believe we're almost halfway though it! Stop going by so quickly, October!

I'm finally starting to limp into recovering from my #cruelcruelsummer. I couldn't wait for the weather to be cooler, for it to seem like fall, just so I could feel like summer was over with. Now here we are, in spoop season, and I want the days to slow down so I can soak in the chill and not have holidays looming.

The other day I got this cute romper from the sale rack at Target. I didn't realize it was a romper until I was trying it on, but I still liked the top enough to get it; I figure I will wear it with a black skater skirt I have, because I need more volume on bottom than this offers. But it spoke to my witchy feels! And I thought wearing it with a choker would treat me just right. I got this one today. (I love that chokers are "in" right now!! Thank you, 20-year fashion cycle! I'm just going to go ahead and say that, yes, I'm still deep, deep in the 90s Teen Witch aesthetic that I posted about here.)

Looking at chokers, I was reminded of my favorite autumnal movie, Sleepy Hollow (which I can't watch this year due to Johnny Depp; it will take me some time to separate the art from the artist. Such a freaking bummer!!) because in it, Christina Ricci has this necklace I'm obsessed with.

It's not a choker, per se, but it is a short necklace with a star-shaped charm that she wears throughout the movie on different ribbons. Ob-sessed with Christina in this movie. Her fantastic costumes, her thick blonde hair, her bleached eyebrows. While I was looking at chokers, I kept thinking, "Oh, that's Katrina-esque. I want it because it's Katrina-esque, but I know it wouldn't look good on me." So I did the next best thing and found them online so I could compile this little post.

( one, two, three, four )

If I were better at Polyvore (is that still a thing?) you can bet I'd be compiling modern day Katrina van Tassel fashion boards.

In doll news, I am going to film a little haul sometime soon. I really wish I could film an autumny dolly dressup with Gavin; we'll see if I can manage to do both. Gavin's so hard to dress, yo!!


  1. Ooh, that romper looks like it would work really well with leggings, too! I am in full-on leggings mode, wearing them every single day right now. I also feel like the number of fall days are way too limited and I need to take full advantage! I just got some knit dresses from JCP that I'm adding pockets to which work SUPER well with leggings for work. I'm more comfy than I would be wearing anything else short of flannel jimjams and an oversize hoodie.

    I am ALSO having problem-feels with seasonal media right now! Tim Burton said some really dumb things in an interview about Miss Peregrine and I haven't yet rewatched TNBC this year. Come on, dudes! Stop being so terrible!

    Looking forward to your upcoming haul! :D

    1. Pockets and leggings, you are singing my song!

      Urgh, yeah, come ON, Tim Burton! Don't destroy your legacy with dumb comments!! (Speaking of TNBC, if Danny Elfman joins the Subtly Racist club I will be upset.)

  2. SO disappointing, the Johnny Depp thing. Growing up I was UB-sessed with him, but now it'll never be the same. I guess it already wasn't the same after Mordecai, but this is truly unforgivable. I don't know what to think about it. Love Sleepy Hollow though, that more gives me good feelings. (and Danny Elfman is a genius)

    1. Little in life bums me out like finding out the people or things you loved in formative times suck! :(