two videos

Don't want April to escape without noting the two Dolly Dressup videos I did this month! The above picture is a screen grab from Wisp's. I had paused on it while editing in Premiere and saved it because I thought it was pretty. Or maybe it's just that I really love Wisp!!

As I noted in the video, Wisp has a downcast gaze on this set of chips, so I'm thinking of giving her a slight lift. I did that for Mallow a while back because she also has the downcast gaze... And while I'm at it, maybe a new set of chips for Wispy! I just leave this set on her all the time.

Finally dressed Gavin! I feel unsatisfied most of the time with how I dress her, but I like this outfit!

For some reason, the volume seems low on this one. Either that or all the other ones are too loud. No clue which.

I think Mallow is the only girl who hasn't been in a dressup vid yet, so I'll do her during May! And also probably a haul... the ol' birthday's coming up.

work in progress: emergency stress kit

Lately, my therapist gave me a homework assignment to make an "emergency stress kit."

Sorry, I will talk a little about anxiety in this post!

As you might imagine, the purpose of this box is to aid in coping with stress. The idea is that if I find myself overwhelmed with stress or anxiety (and I am overwhelmed with both a lot), I can go to this box, and the things inside will help me in some way.

While I was at a loss as to what I could possibly put in such a box, I knew I could at least make the box cute. If I'm gonna do this thing, I'm going to do it up Jane-style, you know?? And indeed, I covered an Amazon box with scrapbook paper and washi tape. I reinforced a lot of places with clear packing tape, too. Now the Amazon box is an anti-stress box.

I've been really into washi tape lately. I mean, I have a lot of it because I've always been into it, but I've been using it for things like this as of late. I did this honeycomb wall decal with washi tape not too long ago!

Ironically, I don't like pineapple. But this box is covered with pineapple scrapbook paper and even pineapple washi tape. Pineapple is so cute and summery, though!

Some of the washi tape I have came in a package of several tapes, and say stuff like "DREAM" or "OH HAPPY DAY" or "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL," and I have found no occasion to use them before making this box. One tape says "I survived today," amongst other things, which I think goes along with the whole idea of the box.

As for the contents... I have precious little to put in this kit.

Because I have been in therapy for a long time now (10+ years, on and off), I have actually come a long way from where I started with my anxiety. I have developed coping mechanisms and self-soothing habits. Also, I know myself incredibly well. I know what works for me and what doesn't.

Much like inspirational washi tape, I know I'm going to get nothing out of loading the box full of "reminders," or things that are meant to represent concepts. I may enjoy playing the guitar, but putting a guitar pick in this box won't help me if I am actually stressed or panicky. Actually, I can see myself getting really angry at a box full of useless junk in that situation. I know I am too practical -- and even too jaded -- to get anything out of inspirational quotes. I know I will want to actually be able to use the items in the box.

So, for me personally, the items in this box so far include:

  • strawberry gum
  • vegan lip balm

I know, right?? Not much! But I do have a couple of ideas for other things.

  • scented candle
  • index cards with breathing exercises on them
  • a list of relaxing Bob Ross quotes (not inspirational~ ones, just soothing ones; watching The Joy of Painting is something I do when anxious)
  • something quietly clicky that I can mess with... not sure what!

Hopefully I'll either update this post or make another post when I have more contents gathered.