two videos

Don't want April to escape without noting the two Dolly Dressup videos I did this month! The above picture is a screen grab from Wisp's. I had paused on it while editing in Premiere and saved it because I thought it was pretty. Or maybe it's just that I really love Wisp!!

As I noted in the video, Wisp has a downcast gaze on this set of chips, so I'm thinking of giving her a slight lift. I did that for Mallow a while back because she also has the downcast gaze... And while I'm at it, maybe a new set of chips for Wispy! I just leave this set on her all the time.

Finally dressed Gavin! I feel unsatisfied most of the time with how I dress her, but I like this outfit!

For some reason, the volume seems low on this one. Either that or all the other ones are too loud. No clue which.

I think Mallow is the only girl who hasn't been in a dressup vid yet, so I'll do her during May! And also probably a haul... the ol' birthday's coming up.


  1. Hi, Jane

    I just wanted to say, I am very happy that you are back with Blythe videos. I really like them and find them also so inspiring! And btw I also understand why you had a dolly break last year... I really cross my fingers for you that you will feel better this year and in the future!

    I am looking forward for Mallow's dress up video or/and the haul :)

    Have a good time and sorry for my kinda "baby English", I try my very best Mrs Sophie, but German is much easier for me ;)

    Hugs, Nicola

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