Hi! I'm Jane.

I am a quiet girl from Oklahoma who likes to spend time crocheting, embroidering, writing, organizing things by color, editing videos, watching bad TV, and learning to play the guitar.

Yes, I do love pink! I'm glad you noticed!

I also love k-pop girl groups (Wonder Girls, SISTAR, Orange Caramel, Secret, Miss A...), having white fairy lights on in my room all year round, and making extravagant to-do lists. I'm super-active on Habitica! I just love having projects, and there is always something I want to do. I am literally never bored!! I've never been bored! I don't know what that's even like!

So, I'm not a DIY maven, a vintage thriftster, a fashionista, or someone living a curated and/or sponsored lifestyle. Blogging is not a full-time gig for me or, indeed, something I make any money doing at all. I'm not one of those bloggers who has a posting schedule or regular features. I just do it for my own pleasure.

Cure Touch is simply where I document my pleasure in small things -- in creating, consuming, collecting; the color pink; floral-print everything; retail therapy. I post here mainly when I feel happy and satisfied, whether it's because I've made something, I've taken pictures of something, I like something, or because it's a nice day. It's kind of a hodge-podge of hobbies and random doings.

I believe in following your bliss, creating and defining happiness for yourself. It's really important to me to carve my own path of contentment out of the rocky road that is life. I deal with debilitating anxiety, so in a way, this blog helps me cope and focus on positive things.

My most treasured possessions are my Blythe dolls and my guitars.