My Blythe Family

I have a generously-sized family of Neo Blythe dolls - get to know them here if you like! :)

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  • Family Portrait - June 2014

    (Ice Rune - stock)

    Aury is sometimes referred to as "Aury Bunnyears" and can be found cosplaying as a rabbit. She is adventurous and likes to play outside with Plummery, and is always helping to model hats. She was voted Most Likely To Fall Out Of A Tree. She was my first Blythe and I love her ever so much and daresay she is very spoiled and snootled.

    (Simply Peppermint - lightly customized with new eye chips, gaze correction, boggle, haircut, and Licca body, although that's not pictured)

    Despite her loud hair, Beatrix is calm and bookish, but she may in fact have a streak of "naughty librarian hipster" in her and in spite of her loud hair, she rocks a variety of styles from neutral to blatantly vintage. Beatrix is sometimes called "BeBe" and is often the subject of my Dr. Frankenstein-like experimentation. Beatrix is a very good sport.

    (Dear Lele Girl - stock, except one set of eye chips)

    Plummery was a birthday gift, a whole month early. She is a darling dreamy mori girl who likes to be barefoot, spend time outside wearing flower wreaths, be around animals, and try on ridiculous hats. She is the one who wanted deer antlers on her hat. If Plummery could, she would knit all her friends scarves, become a robin and sleep in a nest of her own making, and disappear to live deep in the forest - at least, in her dreams.

    (Prima Dolly Paris - lightly customized with new eye chips)

    Gavin is my first FBL girl and has caused me to fall in love with them all by osmosis! She is a bit ghosty and sleepy, and feels like the youngest of my girls (everyone's "little sister"), and so usually likes to stick with a buddy. She is a new fan of Doctor Who, having recently seen many episodes at a slumber party, and would like to live on a steampunk airship. She has doe eyes even a doe would fall for. She also seems to disturb people the most out of all my girls, haha! It's because she watched too much Doctor Who!!

    (Very Vicky - lightly customized with new eye chips)

    Miss Petaline is a classic beauty -- I think she likes teas, party dresses, walking in gardens, and being a sweet Southern belle. Her style icon is Kate Middleton. So far she is the most difficult of my girls to find clothes for because she likes it chic! She's almost always wearing these boots. Miss P gets along very well with Miss B.

    (Vinter Arden - stock)

    Klara can't be tamed! Her tresses are wild and thick and she is a free spirit. She defied naming for a long time and has a magical, mysterious aura about her, quiet and thoughtful. She loves snow days and carnivorous beasties like wolves, foxes, and bears. Oh my, it's always the quiet ones!

    (Cassiopeia Spice custom by Moofala)

    Drew is my first customized adoptee and I am absolutely enchanted with her and her gentle impishness and beautiful midnight-delicious, muted but glorious blue hair. She has a RIT-dyed Cassiopeia Spice scalp, lovely steel-blue metallic painted lids, and delicate little freckles and moles on her pale skin. I was so lucky to be able to adopt a girl I was in love with from afar and love her even more in person!

    (Macaron Q-Tea Party Middie - stock)

    Bonnet is my only Middie and she's super-sweet and cute, very Little Bo Peep! She lives by her lonesome on a different shelf than the Neos and her closest friend, proximity-wise, is a toadstool. She would probably like to live in the toadstool. She gets called "Bonny wee Bonnet" a lot.

    (Coco Collette - stock except for two sets of eye chips)

    When I got her, Mallow (who seems to be called Mallow Sweet or Mallow Fluff in full) was the first Neo-sized Blythe to join my family in quite a while. I love her pink hair -- it's airy and light and like cotton candy! She needed a name that is just as sweet and soft as she is. She makes me think of pink marshmallows.

    (University of Love - stock)

    Imagine my shock to get a Blythe in the mail that I didn't buy! Lamb was a lovely Christmas gift from my friend L! She has a big head o' curls, sassy fringe, and seems to have a mature, stylin' personality that's quite different from many of my dreamier girls. Something tells me she studies abroad.

    (Wendy Weekender - lightly customized with a set of chips changed and a Licca body)

    This cutie-pie!! I love FBLs and am so happy to have another. Her hair is the color of a dream and I love her placid neutral chips and blushy cheeks. As for her personality, she feels spunky but sweet. As with Gavin, I can tell she is on the "younger" spectrum... but maybe it's just that baby FBL face...


    This pink-haired treat isn't an official release, but that's not the only reason she's an unusual addition to my family. Her hair is long-long-long, her lips are a sweet reddish-pink (making them more dramatic than any of my other girls'!), and her body is a little wonky. I'm super in love with her!


    I adopted Soleil for very cheap from Blythe Kingdom on a whim -- her name really suits her shocking sunny yellow hair and midnight-blue eye shadow. Even her purple chips suggest the twilight sky to me. Soleil came with a shocking set of yellow eye chips with SKULLS in them! It cracked me up. Soleil strikes me as the kind of girl who listens to punk music...

    (Simply Bubble Boom - stock except one set of changed chips)

    I'm so, so thrilled to have gotten a Simply Bubble Boom! She is so gorgeous in person, with her indescribable hair and lovely brown chips and sweet pink lips. I love FBLs, oh my goodness. She and I are still getting acquainted.
    (Leopard Sass - stock)
    This little sweetheart has (movie) Hermione Granger hair! Like Lamb, she's got a head full of curls, and like Petaline, her style is a little more refined. I can tell I'm going to be doing Holland-specific shopping in the near future... she refuses to change outfits at the moment.

    (Didee Eureka - stock)

    Wisp is the first RBL I've gotten in a while, and she's my first RBL+ as well as my first brunette Blythe! When I unboxed her I felt weirdly nervous, but once I got her out of her stock, I was stunned at her beauty! She is so very sweet. I was also haunted by rainbows just after I got her and suspect she is magical.