lightbox: a new hope

I have lately had another go at using the lightbox I constructed back in February following this DIY tutorial. It's been on my bookshelf for the past few months because I wasn't feelin' it, know what I'm sayin'? I was initially pumped about it because my room has ZERO natural light and on top of that, I'm often up all night and never see any sunlight sometimes. (I like it that way; it's very serial killer of me, but I've been a lifelong night owl.) However, that makes it hard to take Blythe pics inside, so a lightbox sounds like a really good solution, right?

Well, it's quite a task for me to unplug and drag all my lamps to an available outlet. The outlets are often crammed behind furniture and hard for me to reach. I need to get a power strip, because all of my outlets are taken and hard to get to as well. And I would say that for optimal results, you really have to light up these suckers, so I personally, with my point-and-shoot camera, need many lights surrounding the box. It is quite a to-do, so it's actually not just an optimal thing for quick snaps for me. Curse you, lack of natural light!

What I do like, though, is that it gets more "true" color than I typically get in my room. For something like the pixie hats I put on Etsy, this picture of Beatrix is a lot more accurate than the pics I have up there now.

I guess I ought to become used to cropping the pictures I take in the lightbox (I'm a little anal and would really prefer my pics all be the same size, but I'll get used to it). The above pictures of Calico just wouldn't be the same with the edges of taped-up cardboard in it.

Best suited for close-ups, maybe? :)

I hope I can work out some other backgrounds other than the default "clouds and ground" sort of thing that's taped in there now.


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