Today I was eyeing my pile of cardboard boxes (I'm a little bit of a box hoarder!) and decided to hack one of them to pieces in the name of Science, or rather, Blythe, to make a lightbox, as seen on We Play With Dolls. As it turns out, I didn't have an ideally-sized box, but after a run to the UPS Store to get a box and Hobby Lobby to get tracing paper, I was off and running.

I would say this took me about two hours to do, and wow, I really hate cutting cardboard boxes! It's like nails on a chalkboard to me! I feel this way about sanding, too. I just can't stand it! Nails on a chalkboard, in comparison, is fine and dandy. But my skin shudders and my teeth hurt and my internal organs all try to shrivel up and die in effort to just escape when I sand -- and, apparently, when I cut cardboard boxes with a razor. Note to self: don't do that anymore. Taping took the most time, though.

My finished product looks a little wonkus, as de-spined cardboard tends to, and I'm not quite sure if I feel like it was worth the effort or not! My staging techniques are zilch, and also, I'm really not sure if the box I got was the ideal size. It seems humongous when I look at Aury standing in it, but it's hard to actually take pictures of her in it. I always seem to catch the cardboard in the frame.

All in all, it cost about ten dollars to make (I had tape, a razor, and a ruler already on hand), and I'm going to experiment to see if I can figure out the best conditions for using it to take pictures. I may have to go get a bigger box and make a second version. My teeth are grinding in agony at the thought though!


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