everything a big bad wolf could want

Who's that I see walkin' in these woods? Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood.
- Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

I know I post pics of deer hats all the time lately, but I've been making so many of them!! Right now, on my girls and on my desk in various niches, there are eleven. ELEVEN.

It makes me quite happy to see so many little pointed hats and antlers and fluffs of pom. Half the fun of having Blythes is the dollies themselves and their little clothes and pretty faces, but the other half is getting to focus my crafting habits and felt addiction on them.

Currently there are fauna, flora, flossy, frost, and this lovely berry color (fraise) hats all in my shop.

I apologize if it gets tiresome seeing be-antlered accoutrements, but I am honestly just doing whatever floats my boat. This blog is quite the "what I did today, which I realize is boring for others" sort of thing most of the time, but it's really just for my own pleasure. :)

October's around the corner!

It was blissful outside today. Cool, crisp, clean-feeling. I sat outside taking pics of my dolls for a while by my favorite tree and was just basking in how nice it felt.  I got a ton of pictures taken, mostly of Plummery modeling the frost hat.  (Frost hats are available in my shop; they're $2 more than my others due to the beadwork.)

But also including an updated family portrait:

I never got one taken with Tailor Gibson, who moved to Freya's, and that seems to have worked out for the very best. I'm blissful with each of my girls right now. Gavin's settled in really well. She got her bunny boots in the mail yesterday.

I love these boots! I got them from Dollland on eBay. I was worried they would be too big, but they fit easily and they stay on (my biggest requirement with Blythe shoes... I can't stand it when their shoes just fall off when I pick them up off their stand!) and they were relatively cheap. Shipping cost more than the boots themselves. I will probably buy another pair in pink!!

Gavvy's new chips

Last night Gavin got two of her sets of eyechips switched out with chips I ordered from Brainworm. Her stock green got replaced with black (I love! She looks so, so sweet and doe-eyed) and her stock pink with milky pink (a little creepy). Here she is modeling a custom-made by request fauna deer hat with a chin strap and button instead of pom ties. It's dim and rainy-ish out, not very good light for pictures, but how can I resist??

Mr. Schue, is he your son?

I got a few of my neutral items in the mail yesterday -- hooray! I love this cape!

Man, did I have a scare this weekend! My computer died. Like, died. It wouldn't even start up. I had an internal panic attack, because I use my computer for work (my actual jobs in addition to stuff like Etsy) as well as play. I don't know what I would do if I had lost it. Luckily my sister's tech-savvy boyfriend did some surgery on it and gave it a new heart (ie, power supply), so now it's up and kicking again. Bless him!! I hope some good karma goes his way.

I sent off my embroidery project to its recipient before my computer was back in the game, so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the finished product, so here's the mostly-finished product!

In the style of my maidensuit embroidery, I did some for Freya of NaughtyPixie. The buttons came from a super-old tin of buttons from either my grandmother or great-grandmother, I'm not sure. I outlined the "Pixie"in red to help it stand out more, but other than that change, it pretty much looks like that. I hope it reaches her safely! The oval hoop I used in making it was shipped along with it so of course I'm fretting about it breaking.

I had nothing much to do while ol' compy was playing dead, so of course I made hats whilst watching entire blocks of true crime programming I am convinced aired just for me.

Here's a white one. In true Duggar fashion (continuing on with my "f" names), it's called "frost."

It has beaded flowers on it and also beading where the antlers are attached. The beads are glimmery and clear and slightly iridescent, and the ones used for the center of the flowers are all either pearly or metallic.

I am not sure if I will mass-produce these; the beading takes some extra time. I might offer them when I have the materials and yen as "made to order." I'm not sure yet. This is so wintery, but I'm still in the mood for autumn. It's not even cool here yet!

Glee starts up again tonight!

candy girl, you are my world

I love this colorway! It's actually called "Cotton Candy." These are so cute in real life, I could die. They really remind me of the Blythe doll My Little Candy. If I had her, I would deck her out in one of these babies.

I added these to the shop this morning, but I have three more hats in progress so I'll be adding more soon.

gorging myself

First, can I just say re: America's Next Top Model (yes, I still watch this hilarious trainwreck; I just mute Tyra)... TEAM ANN! I love-love-love the awkward girls, and I love her sense of humor. When she was joking about her ideal guy being a warlock, breathing fire, and knowing how to make sushi, I was just like, "You just won me for the rest of the cycle!" Then she took the best picture. Saw that coming!

(I like Kayla too. She seems very sweet. Rhianna, aka "Willow," is interesting too.)

I have been continuously producing deer hats these days. I find that I am getting messaged about them on Etsy a lot (sometimes for infant/adult sizes, neither of which I can do) and I am very happy to make them (for Blythe-sized heads) anytime! I currently have three yarn colorways I am continuously getting at the craft store and I'm about to start work on a fourth color option, if I can get a breath. It seems like the days are really draining away in a blur of antlers and the UPS store.

The antlers are so time-consuming to cut, sew together, stuff, and attach that I find doing them in their separate stages in batches really helps me out. I can do that while chatting online or listening to music or waiting around for something. Then sometimes I just feel like sitting around crocheting and watching TV, so I'll do two or three hats at a time that way, and they'll sit around waiting to be deer-ified.

However this week I've been slow to get any fully complete because I've been working on an embroidery/applique project!! I'm excited because I like to embroider but full projects typically take me months. But I'm quick at applique after years of Sticking Stuff Onto Other Stuff. Here's a teaser:

A strange sort of witch, with a kind and loving heart.

Gavin has spent her first week here in her stock and then in random bits and bobs that didn't suit her, but finally one of the dresses I scored on PP for her arrived today!

Oh, pretty girl! That white hair makes her look like a Tim Burton character. It's just about the time of year where I slip into my annual "Why Can't I Dress Like Katrina Van Tassel??" obsession.

More on that later, I'm sure. Every year around September/October I go absolutely nuts and watch Sleepy Hollow on loop just to lust over her dresses.

This past week, I have scoured the internet and scooped up a bunch of good neutral stuff, half of it specifically for Gavin (the bunny boots are particularly for her).

Contrary to how it may seem, I have hardly any clothes for my girls! Spread over four dolls, I'm lucky if they all have shoes on. Even now Plummery is barefoot. What I need: a white blouse, a petticoat, more cardigans, more socks and shoes! What I've got: a huge box full of hats!

nature bling

Dressy little accessories I am loving to look at lately!

Necklace for humans: An Apple A Day pendant by JewelryDeli on Etsy. I just love this! Christmas, I tell myself...

Necklace for Blythes: kawaii mushroom necklace by GlamourFae on Etsy. I love this cuckoo clock necklace too!!

My girls NEED this gold netted beaded headband by Blythe Candy!

This Forest Tea Party hair crown by LambCandy on Etsy is really making me pine!! I want one for me and ones like this for all my girls!

a scissor runner stole my heart

Guys, last night I had a dream that Lafayette from True Blood gave me a tattoo of David Letterman, who was dressed up in some kind of weird costume in the tattoo. I don't know what this means, but I'm just going to guess: I need the last episode of True Blood already!

Good long weekend! I spent a good deal of the weekend with my youngest sister -- we went shopping, test-sprayed perfume (my sister found this one and it was scrumptious on her, so the part of me that's already planning for Christmas is planning on this for her!), got crazy Labor Day sale dealios at JoAnn's, and watched a ton of Gilmore Girls.

I have two hats awaiting antler and ear attachments and two awaiting some other particular applique. There are hats with poms all over my desk. The poms are getting more and more ridiculous, too.

However, happily, half of them are in the "outbox" of hats people bought from my Etsy shop about to be shipped out!

Here's a flora deer hat on a lovely PuPe! I love that girl!

girly joy

I emerged this morning and found this box by my door!

"There's a box for you," sang my mother, who knew I was expecting a new Blythe.

"A BOX, FOR ME?" I echoed. (Internal Caps Lock was on.)

My dad said, "Yeah, but it's ticking, so..."

I can't believe how quickly she arrived! She was in Chicago, last I checked, and I didn't know if she would get through customs very quickly or if I wouldn't be seeing her till next week.

I love the deboxing process; I am not strictly ceremonial about it, but have done it enough now to know that I like to do it at my own leisure, in private, with clean hands. I feel like it's a big part of "bonding" with a girl. It can be hilariously frustrating to slowly peel off stock taped to the box, but still, when I don't get to do that, I miss it in a way.

PDPa came with plastic on her arms and legs! That's new to me!

She has the loveliest wee round face. This is my first time seeing an FBL in real life and, along with her semi-matte skin, the difference to me is palpable. She's out of her box with all her stock on now, standing with my other girls where they hang out on my desk.

Also, her name is Gavin. For some reason, this is just obviously her name. I don't know why it stuck when it tumbled through my head, but when I finally had her in hand, she just was Gavin. When it's right, it's right!

I can't wait to find a dress just for her!

Bumbie's Mom

I got those deer hats finished up last night! Hooray for sticking to goals. This flora deer hat (the one with the bright pink) has one pom with tons of pink and one pom with no pink. I like that even though sometimes I make duplicates of hats, whether by request or to use up the rest of some yarn, every hat (and every antler perched upon every hat!) is still unique in its own little way. I got to add them to my shop this morning and it was satisfying.

Also, I Hansel and Gretel'ed it from Etsy to dainty daisies and got to see one of my hats on a super-cute freckled girl... happiness!


Happy September! It's raining outside; gray weather is my favorite. I am the opposite of people with S.A.D. -- I feel delicious when it's icky out and I am safe and warm inside. Today I'm doing some typing work, then finishing up another two deer hats. That's my goal, anyway!

Last night I made a purchase I've been hovering over for the past couple of months...

A Prima Dolly Paris. It's funny because I don't like her stock at all, so I didn't even look closer at her for a long while. But I found myself favoriting pics of her on Flickr every time I saw her, and I especially like ones that have been customized a little, so I will probably be doing a bit of that on her too. Not sure yet. You never can tell how you will feel about a girl when you meet her in person, and I still am nervous from not wanting to mess with Tailor Gibson!

Thanks to some good luck and to everyone who's bought hats lately... it's helped me save up for this girl! I expect her to be my last doll until next year. I am already window shopping for her (I don't know if it's just me, but I waver on Etsy purchases for so long sometimes that I miss them completely while I am waffling... I've already missed out on three dresses this past week). It's a good change from flickr-stalking. Here's a few pictures of other PDPs I love!

1. Blueberry forest II, 2. Theodora Love 3, 3. Doyle Spam, 4. Untitled, 5. Colette, 6. Candice camerawoman, 7. Theodora veste Cutie Store, 8. Luna, 9. Bambi