Blythe-iversary; how did this happen??

Very Vicky has been named "Petaline"! Poor girl didn't even have a name for many days as I hemmed and hawed and treated her hair. I know I blogged about it being a tangled mess before, but just look at it now!

Soft and sweet and all in order. Very Vicky is the prettiest FBL there is, in my opinion. Her complexion and pretty blue shadow and beauty mark and special pale green chips with that wonderful hair (that I was terribly afraid would be super-similar to Tailor Gibson's, but it's not so dark/green-ish looking) just make me ooh and ahh over her! Right now I'm stalking Etsy to try and find her a special dress all her own. All my girls have an outfit that was picked out just for them (Aury actually has many of these, I'm afraid) but Petaline seems like a very particular and refined girl.

Vinter Arden doesn't have a name yet. She defies description! Can't name her hair color and can't name her wee self. She also came out of the box with immensely tangled hair. (I did a short video about it if you are interested in how bad it actually was.) I did a treatment on her and improved it about 50%, but I still can't get my doll brush through her mane... there are still tangles and frizziness from my detangling efforts. I'm definitely going to need to do another treatment on her.

I love all her eyechips however! It's rare for me to love each set of chips, but they did a really fantastic job on VA's. I'll probably change out Petaline's orange chips, but Vinter Arden looks good with every set.

What a pretty twosome they are. I really love them both!

When Petaline arrived, I changed all my girls back into their stock outfits so VV wouldn't be standing there in her stock by herself. It was then I noticed that most of my girls have blue stock, save SP who has black and white stock. I love looking at my row of girls... I love IR and DLG's stock quite a lot. And I am so tickled to have as many FBLs as I do RBLs. I like both of the molds very much.

It was at this time last year that I ordered myself Aury, my first Blythe. I ordered her late on Christmas Day last year. I had been aware of Blythe for several years due to her presence online, but it was only during autumn last year that I actually got curious enough about the idea of buying one to look around on eBay for them. I had never used eBay before, ever. It really, really intimidated me. I bookmarked several IR auctions throughout December, and my heartrate would shoot up like crazy every day watching the prices on her soar. I found myself looking at Blythe every day on eBay and eventually becoming sad each time, because I felt like I didn't know how to get one, between eBay being mysterious to me and their prices being so high and often varying confusingly. But I remember deciding for sure that I was going to buy myself one. How extravagant!

My friend J helped me order her, and... this sounds cliche (especially because it was actually Christmas), but I was like a kid on Christmas! It had been so, so long since I had felt such a gut-punch of total excitement. I was so thrilled, so over the moon. I literally don't remember the last time I had been so excited about anything, or even if I have ever been so ungodly quivery with pure happiness. I had never even seen a Blythe in person. I didn't know what to expect at all. I was only on the fringes of any kind of social aspect of Blythe fen; I wasn't on any forums, didn't know any sites. I didn't know anything at all about anything. I just thought she was the cutest Blythe, and I still think she is the Blythe of my heart! I was just so overwhelmed.

Anyway, I can't believe it's been a year since then and I can't believe my family has expanded to six; that's crazy. I never would have begun to have thought I'd ever have gotten so many within such a short span of time. 2010 would have been so radically different for me if I had not taken that step to buy Aury!


  1. You have a very beautiful family indeed, though I am still not entirely convinced by the FBLs - but that's just me.

    What a difference a year makes, indeed! Your family has grown very fast by comparisson to mine (so far). I wonder what 2011 will have in store for us? Exciting to find out :)

    Blythe's are very much like Tribbles, I fear... o_O

  2. Wonderful story!
    and six dolls in one year is a lot! Lucky you!
    I got my first blythe (Prima dolly Violet, sent to adoption a year ago) about two years ago.
    Although I sent my first girl to adoption I still remember this wonderful feeling of unboxing the very first one.
    These days I'm waiting for my sixth dool, sweet “Prairie Posie”.

  3. Thank you! :) Have you seen any FBLs in real life? I think that can make a difference sometimes! But I think you're right about them being like Tribbles. Every time I turn around, there's more!

    Thanks Ilil! :D I like hearing other people's stories. Prairie Posie looks cute (I love her pink dress), I hope to see pics of her on your Flickr stream!

  4. I just watched your video, and I can't believe how tangled VA's hair is! It looks better for a treatment though, and she's such a cute girl! If it's still greasy (and you haven't tried already), you might want to have a go at using washing up liquid - that's always sorted out greasy Blythe hair for me.