Christmas colors

I enjoy your classic red and green holly jolly Christmas stuff, but even more than that, I love alternative and pastel color themes for all holidays, including Christmas...

Like the green, gold, and blue on this Stocking Up On Necessities stocking at Modcloth...

And of course, pink anything! This handmade pastel glittered Christmas village is absolutely the kind of stuff my own personal Christmas dreams are made of.

I'd love to do a white tinsel tree with all pink ornaments, or that blue one with all wood and gold. (I actually found this picture on a blog proclaiming these things the world's ugliest trees, which I don't understand... all of these have the potential to be lovely or cute.)

I also love this Oak-y Dokey garland, also at Modcloth. I would hang this in my room year-round, personally, as I do with white fairy lights. I'm going to just covertly Kaboodle these for later...

We have a lot of teas (it's just a silly thing we do, but holiday teas are also a Christmas tradition in my mother's church and she puts a lot of work into her table or sometimes tables, plural) and do a lot of tablescapes in my family. A shared love of table arranging and decor runs down my mom's side of the family. I really want to have a vintage Valentine's tea in gold, pearl, and coral instead of your standard red and pink, and also I have a tea I'm mentally referring to as "Winter In Narnia" that has yet to happen (in white, brown, brass, aqua-green, and mint with a woodland theme) waiting in the wings. I got a hot chocolate set at Anthropologie last year that I really want to use!

Earlier I saw some cream-colored vintage-looking plates on our table and said, "Are those the plates for my tea that has yet to happen?"

"Yes. They are actually your plates," said my mom.

My plates! How cool!! I'm so not a grown-up, so I've never had need or occasion for my very own plates. I'm going to lovingly stack them next to my hot chocolate set and maybe someday they'll actually get used...


  1. Christmas trees to my mind have to be the real thing - and certainly we always had a real tree when I lived at home. Then MrB introduced me to faux trees - which although I was a little anti at first have grown to appreciate when the price of real trees is extortionate (at least in the UK). With small boys and a cat under foot - the thought of pine needles in the feet makes me appreciate the faux ones even more. A couple of years ago we bought a white faux tree for a change which has become the punkies tree now - it looks so cool with all their multi-coloured decorations and lights. I don't think there's anything wrong with those coloured faux trees - as you say, it's all about how you decorate them. I especially like that blue one too :)

  2. I really like real trees too... but I think every Christmas tree is something special!