Just some Beatrix love ♥ So glad she's back. I really missed her so much! I saved this new sleepforever dress for her return (little did I know she'd come home in a new dress!) and also these socks from Daffodil Lane arrived today. I really recommend Daffodil Lane's socks... she's really, really sweet and the socks fit amazingly!

Today I went out to buy wrapping paper -- I have got a lot of my Christmas shopping done already! It's one of those things about Christmas that I actually enjoy now that I am not a child, picking out the paper I will wrap with and buying bows and tags. Last year my wrapping paper was "penguins doing people things, winter sports edition" -- they were snow-shoeing, ice-fishing with poles, juggling snowballs, and eating ice cream. I thought it was too hilarious for some reason. This year I'm doing metallics with a dash of red.

While I was at the store I picked up the Simplicity Blythe pattern pack. I don't know why, because I cannot sew! Not for crap!! NOT AT ALL! But maybe in 2011 I will knuckle down and figure it out, who knows? You'd think I could do a skirt, at least!

I intend to post probably fairly frequently about Christmas stuff... my apologies to people who aren't into it or don't celebrate it at all!!


  1. You're way ahead of me then - I think I can could the number of presents I have bought on one hand. Hoping that now we are in December I can get down to it!

    Good luck with the sewing challenge in 2011 - I can't knit or crochet for the life of me, so maybe we could swap talents? The pattern is a good way to go as a learning exercise - then you can tackle other projects when you feel braver :D

  2. Heck yeah, let's swap skill-sets! If only for a day, I'd love to be able to use a sewing machine. I just don't understand how anyone can manage it.