dreaming of a Blythe Christmas

Oh my gosh! It's a Blythe Christmas, you guys. Yesterday there were two Blythe deboxings going on within six hours of each other.

First, I got to give my RL best friend E a present -- and I chose to get her Simply Chocolate.

Why? Because I could afford to! I was really excited to be able to give another friend a Blythe, and E has been very sweet about my craze this past year. Blythe can be bemusing at best to people outside the hobby. I tend to get a little bit of Blythe separation anxiety so I always want to take one with me everywhere, including over to E's house. She knitted my girls a couple of cute things over the year and we had fun playing with them when I visited Eureka Springs with her and all my girls in tow. When I was looking at buying myself Vinter Arden, I kept coming across Simply Chocolate and thinking of E and how much fun it could be to sit around knitting our girls outfits together, so I just went ahead and snatched her up. E and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We used to play with our American Girls dolls together and now we can enjoy Blythe together too. Forever young!

It was fun to watch E debox her SC. I was maybe more delighted than she was. However, the really important thing is that E knows I am grateful to able to share this section of my life with her. I actually don't tell a lot of people about my Blythe hobby -- hence the real need for a blog as an outlet for my Blythe thoughts.

Anyway, later I had a gift exchange with my friend J (the same who gave me my Dear Lele Girl, Plummery, for my birthday) and he generously got me Very Vicky for Christmas!

She's stunning; her face with those green eyechips, wow. J said that he picked her because she reminded him of Dear Lele Girl, who I think is the prettiest Blythe ever... and I totally see where he's coming from. She's kind of like the FBL DLG with that blue eyeshadow and marvelous complexion! He said she looked the most innocent which I think is a sweet thing for a guy to say.

I deboxed her last night and took video of some of it with my camera...

As you can see in the video (sort of; poor lighting makes my room looks virulently green!) her hair came out of the box really horribly tangled; I was afraid for an hour that it would be so bad I'd have to buy her a new scalp or cut some length off her hair. She's in the process of a hair treatment right now. I even bought some fabric softener, which I haven't used on a girl before.

I'm absolutely bankrupt now (I think I have about ten dollars) but it's very okay with me. Window-shopping for dresses for VV, who has yet to be named, and my future VA is still fun! And I feel truly fortunate to have friends that I can share my Blythely love with.


  1. Oh wow!
    Congratulations for the new girl. She is so beautiful! I'm sure once this "hair situation" will be solved you'll have wonderful time with her.

  2. I'm super happy for you! I was so surprised to find out you actually have a new Blythe! I'm used to being prepared that a new girl is coming to live with you (like with Gavin and VA), so I was shocked! But happy-shocked of couurse! Wow, I really can't wait to see you having fun with her! She's gorgeous!
    Hey, thank J for me. He made me happy too! :)

    Oh, the moment I realized you have a new Blythe I totally forgot about the first half of this post - all I can say is that you are *such a good friend*!! Your friends are lucky! :)


  3. Thank you Ilil!! <3 Today her hair is already behaving much better. It's amazing what a little water will do.

    Awww, I will TOTALLY tell J his efforts created a ripple of happy, Efrat! (Or shall I call you Fafuna?) I'm really shocked that I have accumulated as many girls as I have. For my family to jump from 4 to 6 is crazy for me. I might not have bought VA if I had known that I would be getting VV for Christmas but how can I be anything but happy? :)

    I'm lucky to have the few good friends I do... I really want to get my sister a Blythe too! Spreading my happiness to others is addictive.

  4. how exciting!! (you sound excited too! hehe)
    wonderful presents for you and your friend...they are both gorgeous! Congrats! :)
    plus: you are so lucky to have someone you can share your hobby with in real life too!

  5. Hehe, yes, I was SUPER EXCITED to both give and get a Blythe! I don't know how I managed to keep it a secret. :D Thanks Tea!!