free as a weed

I rather thought Gavin would be my last doll till 2011 at least, but I've spent the last four months seriously plied with work and deer hats both, so I had the funds and I decided... why wait?

I ordered her from Junie Moon, which is new for me. I usually buy via eBay. I haven't heard from Junie Moon at all, so I have no idea when she'll actually be shipped and get here.

I've already mentioned I was underwhelmed by her, but she's winning me over in pictures on Flickr and I just love FBLs, I really do! I figure if I get her and don't bond with her (although this is a somewhat sad option for me; I've only ever not really bonded with one girl but it made me feel terribly guilty), she can move on to another home.

I'll wait till she's here in person to worry or try and name her. It worked out very well for Gavin, who was just Gavin instantly.

A Little List:

Music currently on repeat: Caramel Orange - A~ing Heart
Polish currently on nails: alternating silver and gold
Beauty blogger I spent too much time watching today: From Head To Toe
I have the urge to: curl all eighteen feet of my hair for no reason; see Black Swan; re-read The Iceberg Hermit for the first time since I was twelve!


  1. I'm SO, SO happy for you! I really hope you'll enjoy her a lot. Can't wait to see photos of her with Aury, Beatrix, Plummery, Gavin and *5* antler hats! YAY! ;)

  2. Thank you!!! Having five girls seems like a whole lot to me, but I am always running out of heads for hats in progress... five antler hats on five heads is totally a vision of the future!

  3. She is stunning!
    I'm so happy for you.
    Can't wait to see her in "real life"

  4. Thank you so much :D I'm getting really excited for her arrival!