in the air there's a feeling

Hehe -- wow! Beatrix has officially done more modeling than some America's Next Top Model alums.

Uh-oh, I'm warming up more to Vinter Arden thanks to pics like this on Flickr... I'm really torn!

Anyway, now that I'm 90% done with my Christmas shopping (I don't know if you know this, but I am actually Santa Claus) it's just-for-funsies WINDOW SHOPPING TIME!

Amazing coat and hat sets from My Fair Dolly -- this one is just my fave!

Super-adorable jumper dress set by Moshi Moshi. Absolutely love this one.

I can't resist all the lacy accents on this dud by blythewithyouandme.

This Decole squirrel tape dispenser is killing me. It's hilariously cute.

This dress on Ruche is pretty! I really love anything with that kind of detailed ruffled/pleated yoke.

This necklace from JewelryDeli is my second-face necklace from them...!

I think I might wrap a few presents now. I'm in the mood, so even though it's still really early in the Christmas season, that's okay, right?? I probably own't be in the mood to wrap later...! I'll be baby-sitting tonight and I'm looking forward to packing my Epic Blythe Carry Bag with a girl and some yarn to crochet with!!


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