mister sparkle

Ah, life: working on deer hats all night then waiting that extra hour and a half of wintry darkness till the sun comes up and I can scoot my butt outside in my jammies, out into the freezing cold with my arms full of my dollies, and take pictures for Etsy listings.

But then Plummery is just so pretty and angelic-looking, I don't even mind the cold!

After I finished up my stitching for the night I gave myself a dedicated manicure with a couple of Orly polishes I have. I used Rage, which is a silvery-metallic bronze that reflects like light pink, and topped it with a double-coat of metallic burgundy-pink sparkles from a mini-bottle (I think it's called "VIP").

Together they create a muted pink sparkle look which is perfect for my mood right now, although I bet you it won't last a day because I've got more stitching to do after I catch some sleep.


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