brides of Burton

Gavin and Drew are rocking the black and white stripes lately. With their pale matte faces, it's very Burtony!

Gavin's wearing a dress nicked from her cousin Clementine and glasses nicked from Beatrix, Tailor Gibson's stock blouse beneath that, purple heart tights, and Punkaholic People's stock shoes, a recent score from Blythe Kingdom. Drew is wearing a lacy white Sugar Mag dress and a pair of black and white striped tights, also BK scores, Gavin's bunny boots, and a lovely black and white hat knit by my best friend E. E, we love your hats!

The Burton-esque-ness must mean I am in the mood for autumn already... around September/October, I always get in the mood for Sleepy Hollow in particular! (Yep, I mentioned this last year too!) It's funny, I'm not into Tim Burton as a rule, but I just adore Sleepy Hollow because of the atmosphere and costuming and Katrina's dresses. Gavin has always reminded me of a platinum-haired Tim Burton character anyway...!

I've had Gavin for almost a year now! I got her last September. Time sure flies!


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