Ripple Throw Progress Report: making waves

(*no, this is not exciting for anyone but me)

As you know, I have wicked intentions to make a ripple throw. As the first ripple pattern I tried seemed quite triangular, almost a chevron pattern, I wanted to try something more subtle and opted to translate my way through Attic24's ripple pattern.

This is just me, but I found it extraordinarily difficult, haha! Let me clarify again that this is just me; I have a general ineptitude towards pattern-reading of any type. Even with pictures I really need to see it done to understand whether I am doing it right or not, hence my reliance on YouTube. This swatch is only about 2/3 of the size of my chevron-esque pattern practice square, and it took me about three times as long to do... with the exact same hook and the exact same brand/thickness of yarn.

Even though it is almost exactly the same as the steep chevron-esque ripple pattern, the only differences being the number of stitches you make and the fact that you repeat the stitches for the "valleys" and "mountains" twice instead of only doing them once (and also how the row ends), I had to re-start it about six times before I got the hang of it and thought, "Oh, this isn't so bad..." For some reason it is more confusing for me, regardless of its similarities. The chart of stitches provided were extremely helpful towards the end, where I understood what I was doing a bit more but needed to rely on having everything exactly laid out for me to essentially copy.

I actually enjoy doing the sharper pattern more. It seems both faster and easier. However, I really think the smaller and wavier ripple of this pattern is more of what I'm going for. I hope I can learn to love it.


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