big blue eyes

I can't believe March is almost over already. I lost about 3/4 of it to allergies. I'm looking forward to April just because it won't be March!

Today the mail brought a pretty blue-green floral dress from princess51. I have another blue floral dress from her that I bought last year, and I love it! When I went to grab her URL just now I and I saw an apricot floral dress. Snatched!!

April is quite a blue month. When I saw this picture of Allison Harvard (internet sensation and two-time America's Next Top Model contestant) I thought, "It's April blue!" With my slight color synesthesia, I see Mondays, January, February, April, and August as various shades of blue.

Allison, who basically looks like a human Blythe doll, seems to have one, if I am to believe this picture. Is it just me, or is that an ADG Pleasant Peasant?


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