birthday window shopping

Ew, I'm getting so old! How best to numb the pain? What's that? Materialism, you say? Being rewarded for existing with goods and services?? Do you mean to imply that I can acquire things just by having been born once upon a time? Well, if you say so! You seem trustworthy to me!

This Mahalo ukelele in yellow (or maybe pink??) would be delightful!

And wouldn't it be adorable to play it, or my beloved guitar Little Ghosty Boo, with Rilakkuma guitar picks?
(picture found here!)

And this yellow dress is just crying out to be in my girls' closet. I want to have yellow dresses for each of them someday -- I'm almost there, just need a couple more!

And to complete my Maria-sama ga Miteru DVD collection, I still need the third and fourth seasons! Oh my, I miss this show so much!! The fourth season is just my favorite thing ever.


  1. Window shopping is the next best thing to REAL SHOPPING Jane ... I wish you a birthday of REAL SHOPPING ... Oh Happy Day!!

  2. Beautiful dress! yellow color is very optimistic and spring :)

  3. Thanks, Sandi! I'm revving up! Thankfully the Day of Reckoning is still a couple of weeks away!

    Yes, Marisol, it's so springy, perfectly cheery!! :)